For Healthcare Providers

The IETF works closely with physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of tremor by offering the following information and services:

Movement Disorders Neurologists Listing

To be listed on the IETF website, please fill out the Request to be Listed form and submit, and then fax your CV to the IETF at 913.341.1296. Submissions are not automatically listed. They must be approved by members of the IETF Medical Advisory Board. If you have questions, contact the IETF at 913.341.3880

Free Patient Information

Please download the following materials to help educate your patients about their essential tremor:

The Facts about Essential Tremor – The basic facts about the condition (Spanish) (German) (French)

IETF General Brochure – General information about the condition and mission of the IETF (Spanish)

Patient Handbook – Helps patients understand all the different aspects of their condition–from the diagnosis process to treatment options (Spanish)

Essential Tremor vs. Parkinson’s Disease – A simple tool that explains the differences between the two conditions

Common Medications – The most common medications used to treat ET (Spanish) (German) (French)

Coping with Essential Tremor – A list of tips and tricks from IETF members (Spanish) (German)

Tremor Disorders in Children – A guide for healthcare professionals

Children with ET – A guide for parents, teachers and other caring adults

Surgical Options – Learn more about your options and what to ask your doctor.

Brain Tissue Donation: A Legacy of Love – Brain tissue donation information

Glossary of Common Terms – An alphabetical listing of common words, terms and procedures associated with essential tremor

Healthcare providers can order the education materials listed above from the IETF. Although all of our education materials are free for healthcare providers, please consider making a donation to offset shipping and handling costs.

Education Materials Request

IETF ET Research Grants

Please fill out the application and complete the other requirements listed on the application in order to be considered. The IETF is requesting proposals for grants addressing the nosology, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment or other topics relevant to essential tremor. Concise, clearly written proposals that are hypothesis-driven have the best chance of being funded. The scope of the proposals.

Grant Application

Research Grant Guidelines

Conflict of Interest Policy

Other Resources

Clinical Differentiation of Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease
Authors: Robert Fekete and Jin Li
Publication Date: 29 Apr 2013
Type: Case report Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports
Citation: Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2013:6 67-74
doi: 10.4137/CCRep.S11903

Download the report

AAN Practice Parameters
Oct 2011 – Updated Guideline on Essential Tremor Published by AAN
An updated evidence-based guideline published by the AAN shows that certain drugs can help improve tremor in people with essential tremor (ET), but not all people with the disorder will be able to tolerate the drugs or find improvement in their symptoms. The guideline was published online ahead of print on October 19, 2011, and in print in the November 8, 2011, issue of Neurology®.

Read the guidelines

Essential Tremor Scales
The following scales and questionnaires are owned and licensed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

Quality of Life Essential Tremor Questionnaire  Score Sheet