Free Downloads

The Facts about Essential Tremor
The basic facts about the condition (Spanish) (German) (French)


IETF General Brochure
General information about the condition and mission of the IETF (Spanish)


Patient Handbook
Helps patients understand all the different aspects of their condition–from the diagnosis process to treatment options (Spanish)


Essential Tremor vs. Parkinson’s Disease
A simple tool that explains the differences between the two conditions


Common Medications
The most common medications used to treat ET (Spanish) (German) (French)


Coping with Essential Tremor
A list of tips and tricks from IETF members (Spanish) (German)


Children with ET
A guide for parents, teachers and other caring adults


Surgical Options
Learn more about your options and what to ask your doctor


Brain Tissue Donation
A Legacy of Love – Brain tissue donation information


Glossary of Common Essential Tremor Terms
An alphabetical listing of common words, terms and procedures associated with essential tremor