Tremor Gram – February 2014

Tremor Gram
March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month
On Saturday, March 22, it will be time to put on your walkin’ shoes and help raise awareness of essential tremor! We already have several teams registered for this first national walk–one team will be doing laps around the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall in Michigan and another will be strolling along The Canal in downtown Indianapolis.  Where will your team walk to raise ET awareness? Complete a walker registration form and get a free t-shirt and awareness button! Let everyone know you are raising ET awareness…one step at a time!

If walking isn’t your thing, please check out these other ways you can help raise awareness in your community:  write a letter to the editor, note awareness month in your Facebook status, download a press release and send it to your local newspaper or TV station, ask your local government official to issue a proclamation in celebration of this ET awareness month, and more. There are lots of ideas out there. So, this year, choose to do something. Choose to raise awareness! Learn more!


Free the Data
Genetic Alliance, along with dozens of other organizations, has launched a new website called “Free the Data”.  This site utilizes a user-based platform that allows users to enter their genetic variation (also known as genetic mutation) information for use by researchers working to better understand genetic conditions. Users decide how much to share, and with whom, using privacy and security technology similar to that in today’s banking industry.  Learn more.


Online Scientific Journal Available
Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements (TOHM) is a fully open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that publishes clinical and scientific papers on tremor and hyperkinetic movement disorders. Open access means that full articles, not just abstracts, are available to everyone free of charge. Plus, this site emphasizes non-Parkinsonian movement disorders, like essential tremor, giving center stage to these “other” movement disorders. Visit TOHM now.


Apply for an IETF Scholarship  
Students of all ages who have been diagnosed with essential tremor are encouraged to apply for an IETF College Scholarship. Each semester the IETF provides qualified students with a $500 scholarship to help lessen the burden of attaining higher education. IETF Scholarships may be used to cover the cost of supplies, books, student fees or tuition at a licensed, accredited educational institution or trade school. Application deadline is May 1, 2014, but don’t wait! Learn more and apply today!