Tremor Gram – January 2014

Tremor Gram

GABA Imaging of Essential Tremor Study
Dr. Elan Louis, ET researcher and IETF Medical Advisory Board member, and his colleagues at Columbia University have undertaken a new research initiative and are looking for participation from the ET community. The objective is to use new advanced imaging methods to learn what is happening inside the brains of people with ET. To learn more about this study’s qualifying criteria and contact information, visit our website.


Montrose Mouse – Back by Popular Demand
Because you asked for it, we brought it back! You can now purchase the Montrose Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) at the IETF’s webstore. The AMA reduces inadvertent cursor movements, unintended mouse button clicks, and lessens double clicking. This is the perfect assistive device for anyone who struggles to use a mouse due to ET.


The New  
After more than a year of development, the IETF is proud to present the new and improved! Larger buttons make it easier for those affected by ET to navigate through the site, the uncluttered design will help you find important information quickly, and easy content management allows our staff to provide you with the most up-to-date ET news and information. We hope you find the new site not only direct and informative, but also inviting and engaging. Check it out!


Spring 2014 Scholarship Award Winners
Each semester the IETF awards $500 scholarships to qualified post-high school students of all ages; to lessen the burden of higher education. We are proud to announce two scholarship winners for the spring semester 2014: Carolina Conway and Carilee Fore. Visit our website to learn more about these amazing students and how to apply for an IETF scholarship (application deadline for Fall 2014 semester is May 1).