Tremor Gram – May 2014

Tremor Gram E-newsletter

New Ebook from the Experts
The IETF is excited to offer the new e-book, Essential Tremor: What the Experts Say, exclusively available to individuals who become annual IETF donors. Through this comprehensive collection of articles, you’ll gain a better understanding of ET. Make your annual donation today.

Celebrate a Loved One
Celebrate and honor your loved ones by making a tax-deductible donation to the IETF. This month, honor your mother for Mother’s day, pay tribute to a loved one for Memorial Day, or simply make a donation as an alternative gift for an upcoming wedding or graduation. Learn more.

Liftware Device Donations
Last fall, Lift Labs introduced Liftware, a device to help people with hand tremor while eating. In honor of National ET Month in March, Lift Labs was able to match all contributions dollar for dollar. As a result, Lift Labs raised enough funds to provide the IETF with free devices to send to those in economic hardship. If you would like to be considered to receive Liftware, please complete an application.

Coping Suggestion: Heavy-Weighted Poppin Pen
IETF member Tracy Joslin often found her shaky hands to be an obstacle – until she discovered the Poppin Pen. These heavy-weighted, ball-point pens provide the stability needed to accomplish everyday writing tasks. “My penmanship used to be perfect, and it is nice to gain some control back,” says Tracy. At a retail price of $14, Tracy recommends the pen for those who struggle with hand tremor. Pens can be purchased at