Tremor Gram – August 2016

Focused UltraSoundFocused Ultrasound Surgery Now Available
The US Food and Drug Administration has recently approved focused ultrasound as a new “scalpel-free” approach as a treatment for ET patients.The technology uses multiple beams of sound directed on one spot to generate heat. The patient wears a helmet during treatment containing the transducers that deliver the ultrasound beams. The sound energy travels through the skin, skull, and brain to heat the target spot without harming nearby tissue. The heat is then used to carefully interrupt circuits of the brain responsible for the tremor. For more information about focused ultrasound and current available locations, click here.


Annual report 2016New Annual Report Available
Each year, the IETF publishes an annual report to summarize our accomplishments in a given year. Please read about the various activities the IETF has done promoting ET education, awareness and research. The full report can be found online.

We are very proud of these accomplishments and continue to strive to make you aware of all the IETF has to offer. Please don’t forget, the IETF belongs to you – you are the fuel that drives the engine of every activity, program and research endeavor and we are very proud to serve you.


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