Tremor Gram – February 2019

Help Us Shine a Light on Essential in March

March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month, a time to come together as a community to raise awareness to essential tremor.

This year’s theme is “Shine a Light on Essential Tremor.” We want to educate people about what essential tremor is and the impact it has on daily life. 

Help us shine a light on ET and encourage others to speak up and speak out. Order these FREE posters to display in your community. 

Also, watch your mailbox for information about how you can get an NETA Month t-shirt and tote to raise awareness all year long, while supporting the IETF.
All of these details are listed on our website if you want a sneak peek!






IETF Continues to Make Research a Priority

Research brings us closer to better treatments and a cure for essential tremor. That’s why the IETF dedicates time and resources toward research. 
Here’s an overview:
  • IETF Research Grants. Each year the IETF contributes thousands of dollars toward essential tremor research. The goal is two-fold: to encourage more research initiatives and to nurture existing research.
  • IETF Funded Research. Any research project that has taken place or is in the works is documented on the IETF website. These postings include any updates or conclusions drawn from the research.
  • Promotion of Clinical Trials. Most research studies require some sort of testing or trial with patients. Universities, technology groups and researchers across the country connect with the IETF when they have this need. The recruitment information is posted on our website and also shared through emails and social media.
  • Research Outcomes and Reports.The IETF gathers and posts all research associated with essential tremor to keep the ET community up-to-date. 

Visit the research section of our website often to see what’s happening and to get involved.


An ET Support Group is a Place to Be You
 Are you feeling alone with your essential tremor (ET)? Do you feel like no one understands what you are going through? There are thousands of people around the world who have been diagnosed with ET and they share experiences similar to yours.
donation_palm.jpgThat’s one of the reasons why the IETF began its ET Support Group program. Today, 63 ET Support Groups give people with ET a place where they are comfortable being themselves. Support groups allow people to exchange ideas about the challenges they have and share tips. They are run by people who have ET and also by caregivers. 
Are you attending one of our support groups? Check our website to see if there is one in your area. If not, join with a friend to start one, or do it on your own. There’s always a need and the emotional benefits are profound.