Tremor Gram – July 2015

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This year, we were only able to fund three out of 18 research projects. With every new advancement, we strive to create a better future for people living with ET today and for generations to come.

World-renowned scientists are ready to search for not only new, but smarter treatment options in hopes of getting back your independence, your self-esteem, your passion for living … those things that are important to you.Your research donations help us develop cutting-edge research to advance treatment options for the 10 million Americans living with ET, ultimately one day leading to a cure.

One person at a time. Starting with you. Please donate.


Research-IconsNew IETF-Funded Research
Each year, researchers with an interest in studying the various aspects of ET are encouraged to submit scientific proposals for grant funding from the IETF. This year, The IETF will fund three research grants totaling $80,000. Below are the new research projects.

  • Testing the GABA Nucleo-Olivary Hypothesis of Essential Tremor – IETF Funded $35,000 –Read more.
  • Essential Tremor Research Program: Cannabidiol Anti-Tremor Action and Mechanisms – IETF Funded $20,000 – Read more.
  • Abnormal Climbing Fiber-Purkinje Cell Synapses in Essential Tremor – IETF Funded $25,000 – Read more.

To date, your research donations have provided nearly $1 million to fund numerous promising studies. Grant funding was provided by donors, people directly affected by this life-altering condition, like you.


Ebook-Guide-Facebook-postEssential Tremor Reference Guide 
Discover all there is to know about ET in the IETF exclusive reference guide, Essential Tremor: What the Experts Say. With just a minimum $30 annual donation, you’ll gain a better understanding of topics ranging from Genetics of ET and ET vs. Parkinson’s to Emotional Aspects of ET and Prospects for Better Treatments and a Cure. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Take a sneak peek inside!