Tremor Gram – June 2017

Summer Travel Tips
Summer is a perfect time for family vacations and travel adventures. However, getting through airport security can be especially difficult for people affected by ET. Below are tips to make your travels stress-free.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive so you don’t rush through security.
  • Wear slip-on shoes that are easy to remove and put back on to avoid the hassle of trying to tie shoes with your tremor.
  • Review your airline’s security requirements prior to arrival at your gate. Don’t forget to check for your return flight as well.
  • Before entering security:
    • Be prepared to empty your pockets of loose change, keys, and your cell phone. Carry as little in your pockets as possible.
    • Have your ID and travel documents in your hand.
    • Consider carrying a medical card on hand to discreetly communicate about special needs to security officers. The TSA has a notification card available for free download at
  • You can talk to a representative through TSA Cares, a toll-free hotline at 1.855.787.2227, to get more information about screening that is relevant to your specific disability or condition.


Recruiting Research Studies
The IETF Board is currently narrowing down which new, exciting research projects the IETF will fund next. The future of medicine has never been so bright, and YOU can help drive more research by volunteering to participate in current recruiting research studies. The IETF regularly lists current recruiting studies on the website. From trying new medications to testing out assistive devices, there are studies for everyone to participate. Find a study in your area.


Facebook Support Group
Did you know the IETF has an international support group that can be accessed through Facebook any time of day or night? Not only does the IETF have a general Facebook page, we also facilitate a Facebook support group called the “Essential Tremor Awareness Group“.

With more than 4,800 members, this “closed” group serves as an active support system offering privacy and interaction for users to share with one another. This online community is a place where people living with ET, like you, and their family members can join together to share common feelings, challenges, and support for one another in a safe and private environment. Join the group today!