Tremor Gram – March 2015

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National ET Awareness Month

It’s a great time to help raise awareness of essential tremor in our communities. With an estimated 10 million Americans affected, nearly everyone knows someone who has it. Now is the time to bring this condition out of the dark, to highlight essential tremor worldwide. And you can be part of it all! It’s up to us to do something about ET.

ET Expo Presentations Available Online

Hundreds of people affected by ET flocked to Phoenix for the IETF’s first-ever ET Expo making it a huge success. Seven world-renowned movement disorders specialists and experts provided ET patients with an incredible educational experience. And now YOU can view the presentations online for free. Simply click on the button below and choose the presenter and topic you wish to view.

View Webcast

As a way to celebrate National ET Awareness Month, share these and other IETF webcasts with your friends and family to help educate and bring more knowledge to the cause. Knowledge is power. Together, knowledge brings us one step closer to a cure.

ET Reference Guide: Discover the Unknown

4111da70-f287-40f6-a8d9-cb13d5209f42Dive deep into to the unknown and discover all there is to know about ET in the essential tremor reference guide, Essential Tremor: What the Experts Say. With just a minimum $30 annual donation, you’ll gain insight and a better understanding of topics ranging from Genetics of ET and ET vs. Parkinson’s to Emotional Aspects of ET and Prospects for Better Treatments and a Cure.