Tremor Gram – May 2015

SupSpoonS’up Spoon launches for those with shaky hands
Started from a Kickstarter campaign, the S’up Spoon was designed originally for one person with cerebral palsy. But now the product is available to all who may benefit from its ability to help, including those with essential tremor.

Unlike a normal spoon, which normally requires your upper lip/teeth to pull content off, this requires you to tip food into your mouth. Simply scoop contents into the S’up Spoon, lift the spoon backwards, bring to lips and tip the contents into your mouth. The item is produced and shipped from the United Kingdom and retails for £15 or $23 US (Shipping and handling not included). For more information visit,


Calling-All-Volunteers-HeaderNeed Support Group Leaders
We are continually seeking ways to connect people with ET and to bring relevant information about ET to communities all over the nation. Do you know a good location for a support group? Are you great at connecting people? We would love to help you make a support group happen in your area. Becoming a support group leader has never been so easy and rewarding. With online tools and staff guidance, the process is completely stress-free! Call us at 1.888.387.3667 or e-mail to get started today.


ET Reference Guide: Discover the Unknown
Dive deep into the unknown and discover all there is to know about ET in the electronic essential tremor reference guide, Essential Tremor: What the Experts Say. With just a minimum $30 annual donation, you’ll gain insight and a better understanding of topics ranging from Genetics of ET and ET vs. Parkinson’s to Emotional Aspects of ET and Prospects for Better Treatments and a Cure. Take a sneak peek inside!