Tremor Gram – May 2016

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TSA Summer Travel Tips
Family vacations and travel adventures are just around the corner with summer approaching. However, getting through airport security can be especially difficult when living with ET. Below are tips to make your travel adventure more fun and less stressful.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive so you don’t rush through security.Wear slip-on shoes that are easy to remove and put back on.
  • Review your airline’s security requirements prior to arrival at your gate. Don’t forget to check for your return flight as well.

Before entering security:

  • Be prepared to empty your pockets of loose change, keys and your cell phone. Carry as little in your pockets as possible.
  • Have your ID and travel documents in your hand.
  • Consider carrying a medical card on hand to discreetly communicate about special needs to security officers. The TSA has a notification card available for free download at

You can talk to a representative through TSA Cares, a toll-free hotline at 1.855.787.2227, to get more information about screening that is relevant to your specific disability or condition.


Grooming Tip from Facebook Member
Jan Kilpatrick, a member of the IETF Facebook Awareness Group, often found her shaky hands to be an obstacle when holding her toothbrush or keeping her razor secure while in the shower. After trial and error, she discovered a new technique that she recently shared on our Facebook page.

Simply place the toothbrush in your hand between the index finger and thumb and put the handle across the inside of the middle and ring finger and then rest it on the pinky finger. “It stays still so much better. It’s the little things,” Kilpatrick said.

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Toothbrush 2

Toothbrush 1