Tremor Gram – October 2016

Recruiting Research Studies
Research-IconsWith every new advancement, we strive to create a better future for people living with ET today and for generations to come. Researchers are ready to search for not only new, but smarter treatment options for you. One way you can help is to participate in research studies. Choosing to participate in clinical research is personal decision. It’s important to consider the benefits and risks before agreeing to be part of any study. Below are a few new research studies currently recruiting participants.

To see more recruiting studies, visit our website here.


Everyday Coping Tips
Essential tremor is a life-altering condition that makes everyday living a test of ingenuity, perseverance and self-esteem. In order to assist people who have ET in continuing to live full, meaningful lives, the IETF offers some coping tips.

  • Keep your elbows close to your body when performing tasks as a way to help control hand tremor.
  • Carry a strip of self-adhesive address labels to give to people who ask for your name and address.
  • When writing, hold the pen between your index and middle finger.
  • Ask that your soup be served in a mug.
  • When holding a mug or small glass, place your thumb along the rim and place your fingers across the bottom.
  • Check out assistive devices that could also help make you daily tasks easier.
  • View more coping tips.

The IETF also offers free downloads full of information ranging from more coping tips to common medications to facts about ET. Utilize these free resources to manage your essential tremor.


Latest Tremor Talk
Tremor Talk - Sept 2016Have you received the latest issue of Tremor Talk? It’s one of our best issues yet full of information on essential tremor you won’t find anywhere else including a feature on Academy Award winner Adam McKay.

Tremor Talk is a printed publication offering in-depth personal stories of ingenuity and perseverance, coping skills, and adaptations. Anyone affected by essential tremor will be able to relate to these uplifting stories. Also included are articles discussing recent advances in ET research, articles from professional in the field, and other topics of interest to those affect by ET. You can receive the professionally printed, 32-page magazine delivered right your home, by becoming an annual donor. Donate today to receive Tremor Talk for one year.