Tremor Gram – September 2015

Annual-Report-Cover-ImageNew Annual Report Available

Each year, the IETF publishes an annual report to summarize all that was accomplished in a given year. Please read about the various activities the IETF has done for you. The full report can be found at

We are very proud of these accomplishments, and we continue to strive to make you aware of all we can offer to you. Please don’t forget, the IETF belongs to you – you are the fuel that drives the engine of every activity, program and research endeavor and we are very proud to serve you.


Making Technology Accessible
Assistive-Mouse-IconTechnology is revolutionizing the way we communicate. However, maneuvering your computer can be tricky with a tremor. Below are ways to personalize your device’s accessibility to make communicating easier:

  • Speech Recognition/Dictation – With a microphone, you can speak commands the computer will understand and respond to, and dictate texts. This option is under Speech Recognition in your Control Panel for Windows. For Mac, choose System Preferences, then from the View menu, choose Dictation & Speech. Navigate to any text field, activate Dictation, and then say what you want to write.
  • Magnifier – Magnify your screen and choose to track what you magnify by the movement of your mouse, the keyboard, or text editing. For Windows, this option is found under the Ease of Access Center in the Control Panel. For Mac, you can use the magnification full screen or picture-in-picture, allowing you to see the zoomed area in a separate window while keeping the rest of the screen its native size. Choose System Preferences, click Accessibility, and then click Zoom.
  • Mouse Accessibility – Use Mouse Keys to control the movement of the mouse cursor by using the numeric keypad. For Windows, click the Start button, Control Panel, Ease of Access Center and Make The Mouse Easier To Use.

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Be Brave with Bravelets™
BraveletsThe IETF has partnered with Bravelets™ to provide a symbol of hope, strength and courage for those affected by essential tremor. The Bravelets™ symbol is a triangle, the strongest geometric shape. Bravelets™ bracelets are worn to help remind you to be strong and brave when you are faced with tough situations. Bravelets™ remind you to have the strength to move forward and to be strong enough to talk about your tremor.

Bravelets™ is not a non-profit organization. $10 of every purchase will be donated to the International Essential Tremor Foundation. Visit their website and see what items they have to offer.