Hannah Anthony

Hannah Anthony

Hannah Anthony

As a member of the Singing Girls of Texas, an audition choir at her high school, Hannah Anthony’s voice blends with those of her talented peers to create joyful harmonies.

As a teenager with ET, she is determined to lift her voice for many others like her.

“I cannot remember a time that I didn’t have essential tremor,” Hannah says. “It has been with me my entire life.”

In so many ways, Hannah is a typical teenager.

A 16-year-old sophomore attending a fine-arts high school in Fort Worth, Texas, she juggles a variety of interests, which include dancing, singing, attending church, and participating in other normal teenage activities. She hopes, she says, to become a math teacher.

Hannah also aspires to raise awareness about ET—and how it touches all generations. For example, she’s a regular contributor to discussions on the IETF Facebook page, where she shares her thoughts, her dreams, and her challenges.

“I considered it an amazing opportunity to be the voice for all the teenagers who have essential tremor in the video produced by the IETF,” she says. “It was important for me to be a part of the video because essential tremor affects younger as well as older generations.”

To borrow a musical term, Hannah’s message is pitch-perfect.