Support Group Leader Order Form

SGL Materials Request

In the interest of decreasing the IETF's printing expenses, please use black and white copies within your group. Reserve color copies for general public consumption (seminars and community events).

Thank you!

  • Please indicate how many of each piece you would like.
  • A self-contained way for your group members to give.
  • Flyer with the basic facts about ET
  • Flyer with info on common medications
  • Flyer with tips and tricks from our members
  • Basic ET info and IETF mission brochure
  • Extensive patient brochure
  • Basic ET Facts
  • Brain donation flyer
  • Flyer explaining accomidations and tips for children with ET
  • A folded activity sheet aimed at unaffected children (K-7). Designed to help kids understand what ET is and how they can be compassionate toward classmates or adults that are affected.
  • Provided by Medtronic (Limit 5/order)
  • Easy to read flyer showing the differences between the two conditions
  • Multi-page flyer with medical terms associated with ET
  • Wallet card that explains the condition and has space for physician information.
  • Lists all the IETF social media links.
  • Flyer that explains what a SGL is, on one side. The other side is a SGL recruitment piece.
  • IETF Contact info on one side and the other side is blank, allowing you to add your own info with a stamp or label.
  • How to set up a group and ideas on how to mange it.
  • Brochure that explains the basics of surgical options
  • Materials for distribution to healthcare providers only

  • Please mail these materials to:
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