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Companies listed on this page have kindly agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from their sales to the IETF. Contact the independent retailers for more information on their products and services.

Placement of products on this page in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, or company by the IETF.


Northwest Cellars

Bob Delf, owner of Northwest Cellars and IETF Support Group Leader

Bob Delf, owner of Northwest Cellars and IETF Support Group Leader

Bob Delf, owner of Northwest Cellars winery, is pairing his love of wine with his charitable nature to help those in the ET community. Northwest Cellars is raising money for essential tremor research. The IETF has designed a special, limited-edition wine label that can be attached to any of award-winning reds and whites Northwest Cellars has to offer, and they will donate 40% of the proceeds to support ET research. When checking out, please be sure to note “IETF” in the comments section to have our special IETF label attached to your purchase. Read more about Bob or view Northwest Cellars wine collection.


Montrose Assistive Mouse Adapter

Montrose Mouse

Montrose Mouse Adapter

The Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) is connected between a standard mouse (Optical Mouse supplied) and a USB port to provide assistance to users with neuro-motor difficulties.The AMA is powered by the computer USB port, thus eliminating any requirement for a separate power supply. Assistive functions of the AMA include reduced cursor tremor, reduction of unintended mouse button clicks and relaxed double clicking.

Back by popular demand, this item is now available in the IETF webstore for just $155.00 (includes U.S. postage and handling). There are additional charges for international and Canadian orders. Order now!


CARE Medical History Bracelet

medical history bracelet

Medical History Bracelet

The CARE Medical History Bracelet is an easy-to-use electronic medical bracelet. Created by GC Publishers, your medical information can be stored safely on the bracelet’s flash drive and can be viewed on any computer. No internet service is required to share this vital information. The bracelet is simple to edit at any time. The bracelet offers easy, immediate access to this information for routine and emergency visits to a healthcare provider. The bracelet can now be purchased at a discount price. Also, a $5 donation will be made to the IETF to aid in essential tremor research and awareness initiatives.

Enter the code “IETF” to receive $2.00 off the purchase price of the CARE Medical History Bracelet with Premium Software (retail price/$29.99). For any other devices ordered from CARE Medical History Bracelet website, a $3.00 donation will be made to IETF. To order by phone call 210-681-3840 and mention the discount code or visit their website.