Kyle Garnick

He endured teasing and ridicule by shrugging it off, laughing along, and refusing to be a victim. With medication, Garnick was able to moderate the symptoms of ET and make other adjustments to manage simple tasks such as holding a spoon.

“As hardship often does, working through my tremor allowed me to learn more about myself,” he says. “I discovered I had an interest in heredity.” Garnick took prerequisite courses at a local community college and then transferred to university. “No longer do I resent my tremor – in fact, I owe it great thanks for taking me where I am today.”

His extracurricular work includes earning multiple medals (gold medalist in speed) in an academic decathlon, earning first place in a Rotary speech competition, and serving as president in the Foreign Exchange club and vice-president of the Young Republicans where he volunteered over 75 hours. Garnick tutors at a local community college and is active in concert/marching band and a local religious service group.