Carolina Conway


Carolina Conway, spring 2014 scholarship award winner

Carolina is a senior at San Diego State University in California, studying business administration. This is her second IETF scholarship award. Carolina is a dedicated and driven individual, in both her academics and civic duties; maintaining a high grade point average all while holding several leadership positions in University clubs. In addition to her studies, water polo practices and her involvement in the Real Estate Society, Carolina also volunteers as an Essential Tremor Support Group Leader in her San Diego community.

“I feel that becoming the new support group leader for the San Diego area was the first step in doing more, not just for me, but for my community,” explains Carolina. Because of ET, she sees her world differently. She sees obstacles not only as challenges to be overcome, but also as opportunities to do more. She no longer pays attention to her shaking hands, as she sees it as a waste of time and energy to worry about things beyond your control. “Life is just an opportunity to prove to the people who doubt you that anything is possible and in doing so maybe you can inspire others.”

Carolina’s perseverance, can-do attitude, and exceptional leadership are definitely an inspiration to us all.