Jill Riggs

When she was seven, Jill Riggs was chosen to participate in a brain development study through her local hospital. During the neurological testing for the study, it was discovered that Jill had essential tremor. “While others tied shoelaces, poured liquids, and buttoned clothes with ease,” says Jill, “I struggled.” But Jill didn’t give up. “It taught me humility (and) showed me that it’s not our difference that make us who we are, but how we handle them and hopefully, try to better ourselves from them.”

Serving as president of the local 4-H, participating in student senate and organizing multiple community service projects, Jill has shown that her obstacles have indeed helped her become an outstanding student and citizen.

Jill has found some relief from medication and looks forward to studying English at Ohio University. “I dream of becoming a writer,” she adds, “and my tremor has taught me to never let anything keep me from pursuing my passion.”