Alyssa Mendelsohn

Alyssa-MendelsohnThe International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) is pleased to award a $500 scholarship to student Alyssa Mendelsohn from Baltimore, MD for the 2014-2015 academic year. Mendelsohn is one of four students from across the nation to receive a scholarship award from the IETF.

As an incoming freshman at Ithaca College, Mendelsohn uses her challenges with ET by keeping a positive outlook. “It’d be easy for me to list the ways in which tremor is an obstacle in my life…but the truth is, I love my tremor,” said Mendelsohn. “That’s not to say that we always get along or that they don’t get on my nerves on a daily basis – but my tremor makes me laugh, they make me stand out in a crowd.”

Mendelsohn has been a synchronized ice skater for six years and serves as team captain of her national award-winning team. She also volunteers for Give Kids the World and as a coach for a young, beginning ice skating team. During high school, she was active in choir and founded Jam Sesh, a club where students can go to let off steam and share their passion for music.

“Having ET hasn’t been easy. But it’s been my journey. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said Mendelsohn. “I have essential tremor. And I’m only getting started – shaking things up.”