Scholarships 2015-2016

The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) is pleased to award a $500 scholarship each for the 2015-2016 academic year to the following deserving students:

Fall 2015

Karissa-Hartzell-for-webKarissa Hartzell

“ET makes some of the simplest tasks challenging, but I do not let it control what I do,” Karissa said. “I want to be an inspiration to other people living with ET and help educate others about it.”




Hannah Spence Cropped for webHannah Spence

“The goals I set for myself sometimes lead me through many challenging experiences,” Hannah said. “If I made it through the past six years, then I can make it through anything.”




Tyler CriswellTyler Criswell

“I understand what it’s like to have a condition that you need help overcoming.” Tyler said. “My dream is to one day be able to help others overcome their condition.”




KatieA_WebKatie Merrill

“I love my life and I do not let my ET hinder that love. I like to tell people that I have an ‘alien’ living in my brain, and it makes for a great conversation starter,” Katie said. “Then I get to tell them about me and my ‘alien’, raising awareness for essential tremor and making a potential new friend at the same time.”

Spring 2016

Selena Ramic
Born in Serbia, Selena never knew why she was different until she came to the U.S. This small town girl grew up in a community where everyone thought her achievements were handed to her because of her disability.


Samantha Trussoni

Samantha, the once bright, cheerful girl from Lacrosse, WI, plummeted into complete isolation and despair after learning her diagnosis of essential tremor just weeks before her 20th birthday.


Nicholas Wintersteiger
Nicholas is the type of person that just won’t allow something like having ET stop him from doing anything. This past summer he worked as an EMT on the rescue squad in Charlottesville.