Nicholas Wintersteiger

Nicholas Wintersteiger – Charlottesville, VA

Nicholas is the type of person that just won’t allow something like having ET stop him from doing anything. This past summer he worked as an EMT on the rescue squad in Charlottesville. And although the job is extremely high stress, Nicholas doesn’t let it affect his work. “ET is something that is with me all the time,” Nicholas explained, “but it’s not something I think about all the time.”

Nicholas has learned he can still do whatever he wants, but occasionally he has to do it in a different way. He practices strategies, tests options, and notes outcomes. Having a mother who’s an occupational therapist doesn’t hurt, either. She taught him early on that the drive and persistence needed to make the trial and error method work could also go a long way in helping him achieve his personal and educational goals.

Nicholas is majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology and hopes to be able to help others overcome their own medical challenges, by training as a physician’s assistant. “[ET] makes me more determined to reach my goals. I know the traits I developed because of my ET will support my plans for the future”.