Austin Siekknen

Austin-SiekkinenAustin is a scholar-athlete who ranked in the top quarter of his high school class in Hobbing, MN. He participated in several varsity level sports throughout high school and was a member of a variety of academic clubs. He volunteered during the summer, helping local kids develop a love for sports and sportsmanship. He even managed to hold down a part-time job.  “This shows how he is able to juggle many responsibilities and still be successful at them all,” noted Laurie Allison, Austin’s high school English teacher.

Austin doesn’t allow his ET to hold him back. Although he might struggle to keep his cereal on his spoon before a hockey game or hit the correct file on his iPad, his determination and positive attitude will carry him far.

The IETF is pleased to offer Austin an academic scholarship to North Dakota University where he will continue his education in engineering.