Scholarships 2018-2019

Fall 2018

Graham GaddisPhoto of IETF Scholarship Recipient for Fall 2018 Graham Gaddis

A student at the University of Tennessee, Graham Gaddis Gaddis is presented with every day challenges because of his essential tremor. It affects his ability to write legibly, hold a drink in his hand and spread peanut butter on his sandwich. But, he is determined to not let it take over his life.


Megan HartleyPhoto of fall 2018 IETF Scholarship Recipient Megan Hartle

Megan Hartley has taken the initiative to educate others about what she calls “invisible conditions” like essential tremor. A student at Florida Southern University, she said essential tremor will not define her.



Robert HolderPhoto of Robert Holder, IETF Scholarship Recipient Fall 2018

Robert Holder is majoring in health and human sciences at Georgia Southern University. Diagnosed with essential tremor at age 14, he doesn’t remember a time when his hands did not noticeably shake.



Deirdre MaciakPhoto of Deirdre Maciak, fall 2018 IETF Scholarship Recipient

Deirdre Maciak started experiencing essential tremor symptoms during middle school and was diagnosed with the condition during her sophomore year in high school. An incoming freshman at Salem State University, MA, she decided to pursue a degree in nursing or biology because she wants to make an impact on others who struggle with lifelong conditions like essential tremor.