Raising Awareness to Essential Tremor


Essential tremor has no familiar face.

One of the main goals of the IETF is to raise awareness to essential tremor. What does someone with essential tremor look like? Are they elderly? Are they male or female? What color is their skin? There are no hard answers to these questions because essential tremor affects all people at all ages and stages of life. Essential tremor truly has no familiar face.

During our 2018 National Essential Tremor Awareness Month campaign in March, we focused on awareness to the stereotype of ET and some of the misconceptions about the condition. By providing free awareness month materials, the IETF wants to help people gain a better understanding of what ET is and who it affects. We want people to know the role of the IETF, and how we can all connect together to search for a cure for ET.

Essential tremor doesn’t discriminate. More than 10 million toddlers, teens, middle aged adults and the elderly are working hard each day to find ways to manage it . And you can be their advocate. Make an awareness month donation. Hang a free poster in your community. Write to your congressional representative or local media. If you have ET, share your story and experiences with essential tremor. Help us raise awareness.

With the help of the millions of people like you, we know we can make a difference:

  • Hold a DIY fundraiser and designate the funds raised to go to IETF programs that help raise awareness. Be creative and have fun … all for a good cause. You can find a handy DIY guidebook and registration form below.
  • If you have ET and someone asks you about your shaking, try to be open and take a moment to tell them a little about essential tremor. You don’t have to give them a clinical definition or 30-minute lecture; simply say something like, “I have a neurological condition called essential tremor, and it causes my hands/head/voice/trunk/legs to shake when I use them.”
  • Order free awareness posters and post them in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, your doctor’s office, community or senior centers, local libraries, etc. New posters will be available beginning February 2018.
  • You can make an awareness donation anytime. While supplies last, get a free awareness month t-shirt with your donation! Wear it to raise awareness to ET in your community.
  • Share IETF social media posts and pages from the IETF website on your social media channels. Helping to educate your friends and family is as easy as clicking “share”.
  • Use our digital downloads (below) to show your support for the IETF and ET awareness on your emails, posts, and tweets.

Make a donation

Donation-iconOne of the easiest ways to help raise awareness is to support all the awareness-related programs and services the IETF provides. Your donation goes right back into awareness efforts happening throughout the year and for next year’s big national awareness month campaign, so please give generously.

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The history of NETA

The IETF worked very hard to have March designated as National Essential Tremor Awareness Month. Here’s how we did it.

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DIY Fundraising Guide Cover_Page_01DIY Fundraising
Do It Yourself Fundraising is an opportunity for those with a deep commitment to the essential tremor cause to raise awareness and funds for the International Essential Tremor Foundation’s mission in new and creative ways.

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Register your DIY Fundraiser
Please take a moment to register your event with the IETF. Allow us to help you advertise and promote your DIY fundraising event

DIY Registration


Press Release
Send in this release to your local television, radio stations, and newspapers informing them about the need for greater awareness. You can add your own story of challenges and achievements, and send it out any time of the year to help gain some much-deserved media attention.

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Download Word

Awareness Month Proclamation Text
For those who have reached out to state or local governments, to have them declare March to be Essential Tremor Awareness Month, you are welcome to use the wording from the original House of Representatives Resolution. Don’t know how to find the contact information for your federal, state, and local government officials? Here’s a convenient link.

Proclamation Text

Store Items

These Awareness Month Posters are meant to catch the eye. Passersby will see all the faces and wonder to themselves “what does someone with essential tremor look like?,” and then read on. In less than 5 seconds they can gain a basic understanding of ET. Order a few of these free posters and help us raise awareness in your community.

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Digital Downloads

NETA Month 2018 Facebook banner

Facebook Cover Image – Let all your Facebook friends know that you support ET Awareness with this cover image.


NETA Month 2018 Twitter banner

Twitter Cover Image – Use this graphic to liven up your Twitter page and let your followers know you support essential tremor awareness.


March is National Essential Tremor Awareness MonthNETA Month Logo – Upload this National Essential Tremor Awareness Month logo and help promote ET awareness during March.