Elizabeth Guthrie

elizabeth guthrie“I have loved art for many years,” says Elizabeth Guthrie. “My first recollection of enjoying drawing and colored pencil was biology drawings in high school. After that I got interested in oil painting, taking classes from a local instructor. Through the years, I have taken other classes in art. I noticed when I was in my late 20s it became harder for me to paint the detailed art I enjoyed, so I put it all aside with the exception of doodling in journals.”

Medication controlled most of her hand tremor after she was diagnosed in her early 30s. “When I turned 56, my tremor hit overdrive,” she says. “My neurologist suggested I was a candidate for deep brain stimulation (DBS). At age 58, I had the surgery and have not looked back since. It gave me my life back, and I am able to do many things I could not do before surgery, most of all, my drawing. I am a real estate broker, so this also gave me back the confidence to interact with my peers and clients.”