Greta Stromberg

Sweet Rewards

greta stromberg“I spend my best hours at what is now my work, as well as with my children, grandchildren, or Bella, my devoted cat,” says Greta Stromberg of Connecticut. “It’s rewarding, growing older with my reason for being—to find my work, my purpose, and to offer this to the world. Now, as a professional artist, I meet with other artists at a critique group, enter local shows, go to art receptions and join other art groups in the area. I can paint however and whenever I please.”

Greta’s work ranges from the real to the abstract, often incorporating materials from nature. Acrylic is her chosen medium, although she also uses watercolor and sculpts.

Greta Stromberg


“I am inspired to paint people, animals, trees and nature, allowing what lies beneath the surface of my vision, my heart and soul to come to the foreground and take a life of its own. Hence, I consider myself a spiritual artist. It comes through me, is not of me. I sense that my life is fulfilled. I have found what completes me. The work speaks to whoever enjoys and appreciates what has been created through me. Indeed, what more can I ask?”