Medical Alert Card (Limit 2 per person)


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Carry this essential tremor medical alert card in your wallet or car to help explain your condition. There is a special section for you to list emergency contact information and any allergies. These cards are free to anyone in the ET community. Limit 2 per person.



  1. Debbie

    I suffer from ET

  2. Brenda Gokey

    I have essential tremors

  3. Georgia Splinter

    I have essential tremors

  4. Kristen Joye

    I’ve had essential tremor for four years.

  5. Sheila Blight

    I have ETht

  6. Mayra Enquist

    I was diagnosed with ET in 2002, but believe I had it prior to diagnosis. It is a daily battle. Some days better than others. I’ve learned to live with it, as we all must carry a cross of some sort. Thank you for providing this complimentary alert ID. It is greatly appreciated. Just ordered mine. Thanks, again!

  7. Carol Broaddrick

    thank you

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