Double-blind, Placebo-control, Cross-over Trial of Cannabidiol for Essential Tremor

Principal Investigator: Fatta Nahab, M.D., associate professor, University of California, San Diego

The focus of this study is to collect the necessary data needed to determine whether further research is warranted to develop cannabidiol (CBD) as a viable tremor suppressant for essential tremor.

The central hypothesis is that CBD will reduce tremor amplitude while being well tolerated and safe. The hypothesis has been formulated on the basis of preliminary data and through consultation with Dr. Adrian Handforth’s group actively studying cannabinoids in the Harmaline model of ET.

Results obtained from the study will provide the critical knowledge needed to request National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for a drug development program to pursue the shorter-term development of CBD for essential tremor and the longer-term development of similar yet more targeted novel agents.

There are two specific aims to this study:

Aim 1: Does CBD have tremor suppression properties in ET?

Aim 2: Is CBD safe and well tolerated for short-term use in an ET population?

With respect to expected outcomes, the findings of aims 1 & 2 are expected to provide the necessary pilot data to justify, or not, the scientific need for further human trials of CBD for the treatment of ET. Furthermore, these findings have the potential to open up alternative basic science lines of targeted testing and drug development with the potential to develop a novel molecule specifically designed for ET and increase excitement and funding within biotechnology companies.