ET Brain Bank at the Arizona Study of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Now in its third IETF-funded year, researchers will continue to examine the brain tissue of those with ET and other neurological disorders after death, searching for a greater understanding of how ET changes the features of the brain, and hopefully leading to more effective diagnostic tools. They will also compare the clinical findings of early onset ET and ET beginning after age 65. They will then also clinically categorize action tremor in the elderly and serially assess tremor and non-motor signs. Researchers will examine all brain areas using previous standardized assessments with the goal to explore whether there are any brain regions that may have been overlooked in smaller surveys in the past. This study will be conducted by Dr. Holly Shill and Dr. Charles Adler at Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Tucson, AZ. Read past information about the IETF research at this facility.