Double-blind, placebo-control, cross-over trial of cannabidiol for essential tremor

Principal Investigator: Dr. Fatta Nahab, University of California, San Diego

A critical need exists to identify possible treatment options that produce less negative side effects and can be brought to market quickly. Due to patient dissatisfaction with the current medications available, a significant number of patients experiment with alternative therapies that are available over-the-counter, are perceived as ‘natural’, and yet have no data to support their safety or efficacy.

In this study, Dr. Nahab will investigate a specific cannabinoid (CBD), one of the many chemicals, in marijuana. The central hypothesis is that CBD will reduce tremor amplitude while being well tolerated and safe for patients. Dr. Nahab’s hypothesis has been formulated on the basis of his team’s own preliminary data and in consultation with Dr. Adrian Handforth’s group, which is actively studying cannabinoids in the Harmaline model of ET. Dr. Handforth’s research was funded by an IETF research grant in 2015. Results obtained from this study will provide the critical knowledge needed in order to request additional funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a drug development program of CBD for ET and develop more targeted medications.