IETF Funded Research 2011

Postmortem Investigations of LINGO in ET
Dr. Frederic Calon from the CHUQ research center and Université-Laval in Quebec, Canada received a $20,000 grant to investigate the neurochemistry of ET. He plans to investigate chemical levels in the brains of those affected by ET to see if they are different than those of someone with Parkinson’s disease or with no neurological afflictions.

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Brain Biochemistry in Patients with ET
Researcher Dr. Holly Shill, Director of the Christopher Center for Parkinson Research at Sun Health Research Institute, recently published the article “Brain Biochemistry in Autopsied Patients with Essential Tremor” in Movement Disorders. This study builds on previous research funded by the IETF.

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Resistance Training for Essential Tremor
Dr. Justin Keogh, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Australia will be awarded $20,000 in support of the project “Can Resistance Training Improve Manual Dexterity, Postural, and Force Tremor in Essential Tremor Patients:  A Randomized Controlled Trial?” The project aims to determine if real world benefits of resistance training exist for ET patients and identify the mechanisms associated with this training that may cause improvements in motor control.

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Finding a New Target for ET Therapy
Dr. Adrian Handforth of the Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System was awarded a $20,000 grant in support of the project, “Finding a New Target for Essential Tremor Therapy.” Dr. Handforth seeks to determine whether any GABA receptor subclasses, found exclusively in the cerebellum of the brain, are capable of aiding in tremor suppression.

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