IETF Funded Research 2015

2015 Funded Research

Testing the GABA Nucleo-Olivary Hypothesis of Essential Tremor
Researchers have long sought to understand the underlying causes of essential tremor. Finding the cause could then allow medications to be developed that are specific to ET, meaning better treatment options for millions of affected people around the world. Over the last several years there have been some very interesting steps forward in our understanding of ET.

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Essential Tremor Research Program: Cannabidiol Anti-Tremor Action and Mechanisms
It’s been nearly 20 years since the passing of California’s Proposition 215, allowing for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Although still classified as a Schedule I narcotic under the Controlled Substance Act at the Federal level, 22 additional states, the District of Columbia and Guam have all passed similar legislation allowing for the use of marijuana for therapeutic, medical purposes.

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Abnormal Climbing Fiber-Purkinje Cell Synapses in Essential Tremor
Thanks to a grant issued last year from the IETF, Dr. Shen-Han Kuo’s research team at Columbia University in New York discovered a previously unknown abnormality in essential tremor patients at the location in the brain where neuron’s electrical and chemical signals are transmitted and received. Understanding how and why the neurons in essential tremor patients communicate the way they do is the next step in the process of understanding the cause of ET.

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