Beth Israel Study – Brain Changes in ET

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is conducting a research study to study brain changes in people with essential tremor or parkinsonian tremor. The study will involve participating in one study visit. During the study visit researchers will assess tremor in the clinic using neurological history and exam and sensors attached to computers. Volunteers will also be asked to have blood drawn for genetic testing. If subjects are eligible, during the visit, a brain MRI exam will be performed in the MRI suite. Researchers will measure changes in brain structure to see if they are related to essential tremor or parkinsonian tremor.

You may be eligible for this study if you have a diagnosis of essential tremor or parkinsonian tremor with tremor in your hands and/or other body parts, are not pregnant and have no medical devices or metal in the body which are not MRI-compatible. Healthy control volunteers are needed and you may be eligible if you do not have tremor and are between the ages of 21-80. $75 paid to you for each study visit you complete as well as parking reimbursement.

Please call 617-667-9890 or email for more information.