Summary Update for A Pilot Study for Quantitative Assessment of Gait in Essential Tremor Using Wireless Sensors

Principal Investigator: Vibhash Sharma, MD
University of Kansas Medical Center (KU)

July 2019 Update

The comparison of essential tremor (ET) to healthy controls has been completed but work is still being done on the comparison between ET and Parkinson’s disease (PD) and the comparison of outcomes with DaTscans.

We have performed gait assessments for 53 patients with essential tremor and 31 age matched healthy controls. The data obtained for essential tremor patients and healthy controls has been analyzed. We found that ET patients have impairment in multiple gait parameters (stride length, lower cadence, reduced gait speed and increased double support percent) when compared to normative values. When compared to age matched healthy controls, we again found significant impairment in multiple gait parameters including gait speed, stride length, increased double support percent, toe out angle and reduced lower limb swing. Interestingly, we also observed reduced right arm swing in patients when compared to healthy controls, which was also noted in ET patients with negative DaTscan. We presented our results at the KU Research Day and will be presenting again in September 2019 at the International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder (MDS) meeting to be held in Nice, France. As part of a separate initiative, during the last year, we have performed gait assessment for more than 1,200 PD patients from which we will extract a subset for the comparison with ET patients.

Work continues on the study and results are anticipated by the end of 2019.